All items listed are original unless otherwise stated, prices are in US Dollars and include shipping worldwide.

   You can make an offer on any item listed and if accepted you will be notified first then sent an invioce via Paypal.


Ford Spring Trophy Kyalami South Africa 25 August 1984.

33.5cm x 8.8cm In very good condition.

Price $ 23


Original National Panasonic South African Grand Prix 1984 decal sticker.

27cm x 12.5cm In very good condition.

Price $ 31

15 Team Gunston decal sticker  vintage style

Price $7.50 each. or buy all 15 for $90 saving $22.50

The set consists of: 

#25 Jackie Pretorious Brabham BT26A,

#28 William Ferguson Brabham BT33,

#33 Eddie Keizan Lotus 72D,

#34 Guy Tunmer Lotus 72D,

#29 Ian Scheckter Lotus 72E,

#30 Paddy Driver Lotus 72E,

#17 John Love Brabham BT20,

#1 John Love March 70,

#17 Sam Tingle Brabham BT24,  

#2 Peter De Klerk Brabham BT26,

#3 Lola T70,

#Z181 Ford Capri Perana,

#201A Ford Cortina Perana,  

#24 John Love March 701 Ford Cosworth V8, 

Gunston Toasted Logo.


Team Gunston was a name used by Rhodesian racing driver John Love to enter his own cars in Formula One and sports car racing between 1962 and 1975. He also entered cars under his own name John Love. Commonly the vehicles were entered for Love himself, but he also provided cars for Sam Tingle, Eddie Keizan, Paddy Driver, William Ferguson, Jackie Pretorius, Peter de Klerk, Ian Scheckter and Guy Tunmer during that period.

Oval size 141.6mm X 90.7mm (5.57in x 3.57in)

Round size 75mm x 75mm (3in approx)

                     #1 John Love March 701

                                Price $7.50

                  #17 John Love Brabham BT20

                               Price $7.50

                 #17 Sam Tingle Brabham BT24 

                                Price $7.50

                #2 Peter De Klerk Brabham BT26

                                Price $7.50

                         #3 Team Gunston Lola

                                 Price $7.50

               #Z181 Team Gunston Capri Perana

                                 Price $7.50

           #201A Team Gunston Cortina Perana

                               Price $7.50

                        Gunston Toasted Logo

                                  Price $7.50

                        #30 Driver Lotus 72E

                                Price $7.50

                     #28 Ferguson Brabham BT33

                               Price $7.50

                        #33 Keizan Lotus 72D

                               Price $7.50

       #24 John Love March701 Ford CosworthV8

                               Price $7.50

                #25 Pretorious Brabham BT26A

                               Price $7.50

                     #29 Scheckter Lotus 72E 

                               Price $7.50

                      #34 Tunmer Lotus 72D

                               Price $7.50

           Autographed Jody Scheckter decal sticker.

                                  Price $45

Nelson Piquet - Satoru Nakajima Team Lotus Honda 1988 Vintage decal sticker ELF Camel F1.

Size 22x5cm.

                                     Price $23

Vintage 1970s Champion decal sticker.



                                 Price $19

                       John Watson decal sticker.

                                   Price $12

               Very Rare Gilles Villeneuve decal sticker.

                                  Price $45

     Vintage 1976 Jacques Laffite Gitanes decal sticker.


                                   Price $15 

          Richard Petty Plymouth Savoy Ketchum '1'  

          1962  decal sticker.

                                  Price $35

             Beta Utensili Racing Team F1 decal sticker.

                                   Price $12

            Monza 1989 Ansa exhausts decal sticker.

                                  Price $18

          1987 Team Lotus Honda camel decal sticker.

                                   Price $12

        1970s Marlboro South African GP decal sticker.

                                  Price $18

Kylami South Africa 1980s decal sticker.

Price $12 inc 

Kylami AA RSA 1980s decal sticker.

Price $12 inc 

Original 1979s Yellow Pages Formula Atlantic Championship decal sticker.

Price $22

1970s original Castrol Sid Griffiths Racing decal sticker.Autographed by Kork Ballington.

Price $65

           1972 Kyalami F1 Grand Prix decal sticker.

                                Price $22.50 

        1975 Kyalami F1 Grand Prix decal sticker.

                               Price $22.50 

                   British Motorcycle GP 1987

                              Price $22.50

                   Go Dave Kawasaki  (Rare)

                              Price $27.50

     Jody Scheckter Dufour Team Italia decal sticker.

             Rare with spelling mistake. Price $75

            Jody Scheckter Kiwi Helmet decal sticker.

                                 Price $26



Vintage 1970s Jody Scheckter Ferrari Longines  

18 x 7cm decal sticker.

Price $27.50

                     FT Sidecar Championship

                               Price $22.50

                   FT Formula 1 Championship

                               Price $22.50

              Donnie McLeod Dalmac Racing (Rare)

                                Price $19.50

                     Rob McElnea #19  (Rare)

                               Price $17.50

               Steve Mason Racing Team (Rare)

                              Price $22.50

                   Team Coulson Racing (Rare)

                                Price $17.50

                    Ricardo Tormo Team (Rare)

                               Price $23.50

          Toni Mang Rally Sport Racing Team (Rare)

                              Price $27.50

                          Guy Bertin (Rare)

                              Price $27.50

         Ferodo Rally Car Advertising decal sticker  

                     35.5x12.5cm Price $35

            Neil Robinson Memorial Races 1988 (Rare)

                               Price $25.50

            90 Club Neil Smutty Robinson (Rare)

                              Price $29.50

                       Smitty Toleman Group

                               Price $22.50

                    Hermetite Group One Racing

                              Price $18.00

                 MC Darfeld 1965 - 1981 (Rare)

                               Price $23.50

                       STP Oil Treatment 1960s  

                              Price $17.50

                     STP Flower 1960s (Rare)

                              Price $27.50

                            Small STP 1960s

                               Price $16.50

      Hermetite Rally Car Advertising decal sticker 

                       38.5 x 8.5cm Price $22

                     New RR decal sticker. Price $4

            New Square Castrol decal sticker. Price $6

              New 7cm Castrol decal sticker. Price £6

             New 6cm Castrol decal sticker. Price £5

                  New Caltex decal sticker. Price $6

   New Castrol Honda Superbike decal sticker. Price $7

          New Castrol Racing decal sticker. Price $7

             New pair Red Line decal stickers $5

  New Woodpecker race flag decal stickers. Price $5 

           New Index Helmet decal sticker. Price $5

            New Shoei helmet decal sticker. Price $5

           New Bridgestone decal sticker. Price $5

              New Shell Sport decal sticker. Price $5

              New Caltex decal sticker. Price $5

                New Ride decal sticker. Price $5

            New Arai Helmet decal sticker. Price $6

      New Yoshimura Exhausts decal sticker. Price $6

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